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    Cricket's business side: Sponsorship and funding review
Cricket's business side: Sponsorship and funding review
The Business Side of Cricket: A Look at Sponsorships and Funding. Source: Reuters

Cricket's business side: Sponsorship and funding review

Undoubtedly, cricket is more than a game; it is a significant event that brings people together from different parts of the world.

But a capitation model that turns the industry into a business is at the centre of it all.

The cricketing industry relies heavily on sponsorships and funding as its main sources of income.

Sponsorships: Making sport happen

Sponsorships play a crucial role in cricket, ranging from large corporations sponsoring entire championships to smaller companies providing gear for individual teams. With its enormous fan base, cricket attracts many brands eager to associate themselves with the sport.

For example, consider the FIFA World Cup or the Indian Premier League (IPL), during which publicity can be very expensive. These deals not only bring in money but also help to recruit new cricket supporters from around the world.Cricket sponsorship includes such big names as TATA, KFC, Coca-Cola, New Balance, Emirates Airline, Nissan, etc.

Supporting growth through funding

Sponsorships and funding are crucial for the growth of cricket at all levels. National and international cricket boards and organisations use the funding for the construction of better facilities, the recruitment of talented young players, and the welfare of professional cricketers.

It is essential to invest in training new athletes and developing the sport to ensure its continued popularity in the future.

Both government and private companies often contribute to cricket due to its ability to bring people together and its role in national pride.

Media rights and their importance

Broadcasting rights are a crucial source of revenue for cricket organizations. Additionally, through partnerships with TV networks and streaming services, training camps, logos, jerseys, and other memorabilia are available in various countries worldwide.

These agreements support the development of cricket governing bodies through major funding.

Reflecting the global popularity of the sport and its significant value to media companies, competition among broadcasters for the rights to major cricket tournaments is intense.

Cricket merchandise, including team jerseys, hats, and cricket equipment. Source: Midjourney
Cricket merchandise, including team jerseys, hats, and cricket equipment. Source: Midjourney

Connecting with fans through merchandising

Cricket organisations can generate revenue by selling merchandise and creating items that fans can use to show support for their teams, such as team jerseys, hats, and cricket equipment. This not only helps keep cricket organisations financially stable but also allows them to invest back into the sport.

Impact of digital platforms

Digital platforms have revolutionised cricket, changing the way it is viewed and supported. Social media and online content have created new opportunities for fans and teams to connect, which is crucial for marketing, fan engagement, and fundraising. This includes advertising and partnerships with other entities.

Cricket funding challenges and opportunities

Challenges:Cricket's crowded market: The competition in cricket is intense, with numerous leagues and tournaments vying for the attention of fans and marketing companies.

Maintaining fairness in the sport: it is important to ensure that money does not corrupt the integrity and honour of cricket.

Long-term development: ensuring the proper development of cricket, from local clubs to the international level, is of utmost importance.


  • New sponsorship ideas: Secure sponsorship deals that align with modern media interaction and live events.
  • Improved fan engagement: Leverage digital tools and social media to connect with fans and improve their overall experience, ultimately increasing fan loyalty.
  • Smarter financial management: Encouraging financial literacy and providing tools, such as education on forex trading, to effectively manage and grow Cricket's financial resources.
Cricket match. Source: Midjourney
Cricket match. Source: Midjourney


The business aspect of cricket is constantly evolving, much like the game itself. The financial management of cricket organisations, teams, and players will play a crucial role in the sport's future. Combining a passion for cricket with sound financial practices will ensure its continued popularity and financial stability on the world stage.


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