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    Five Famous Cricket Players Whose Careers Ended in Very Sad Ways
Five Famous Cricket Players Whose Careers Ended in Very Sad Ways
Phillip Hughes. Source: Rediff.com

Five Famous Cricket Players Whose Careers Ended in Very Sad Ways

Every variation of cricket places enormous demands on athletes, putting them to the Test in a myriad of different ways concerning their mental and physical capabilities. A topic that receives a lot of attention is the fact that cricket players frequently experience significant physical strain as a result of the demands of the game. The mental pressures that they are subjected to, on the other hand, are not as frequently discussed.

As a consequence, there have been many instances in which a cricket player's professional career has been stopped short due to injuries or an excessive amount of mental strain. A number of different professions unexpectedly experienced a decline.

During their remarkable careers, these five cricket players met with miserable endings:

Mark Boucher. Source: The Sports Next.com
Mark Boucher. Source: The Sports Next.com

Mark Boucher

Fortuitously, South Africa's legendary wicketkeeper, Mark Boucher, suffered a strange injury during a warm-up game against Somerset during the England tour in 2012. This injury ultimately led to Boucher's retirement from the sport. When this incident took place, the wicketkeeper was only two dismissals away from reaching the remarkable milestone of scoring one thousand dismissals in international competition.

Boucher sustained an unfortunate injury as a result of a bail colliding with his left eye, which was caused by a highly crafty delivery by Imran Tahir.

The stumps were also disturbed as a result of this delivery. Following the devastating news that he had suffered severe damage to his eyeball, he decided to undergo a surgical procedure in the hopes of regaining his vision. Regrettably, despite his best efforts, he was unable to resume playing the game at the same elevated level as he had been doing before. In his capacity as coach of the South African team, Boucher is currently in charge of the team.

VVS Laxman

In 2011, VVS Laxman embarked on a couple of tours that led to disappointment in England and Australia. Earlier than the New Zealand series, it was said that he was forced to retire due to some circumstances.

The illustrious Test career of one of the legends of Indian cricket came to an end in a manner that was truly heartbreaking. It was during his retirement that he mentioned that the decision was influenced by a period of intense introspection that had occurred in the days before his retirement. One of the most important players for India, Laxman, participated in 134 Test matches, during which he displayed his remarkable abilities by amassing 8781 runs at an impressive average of 45.97 on average. It is impossible to overstate the significance of his contributions, particularly his unforgettable innings of 281 against Australia at Eden Gardens in the year 2001.

Jonathan Trott

Jonathan Trott, a key player in the England Test team that reached the top of the rankings, sadly had a brutal end to his Test career. He was compelled to retire due to the mental challenges he faced during the disastrous 2013 Ashes tour of Australia, where Mitchell Johnson caused immense damage with his bowling.

He suddenly departed from the Ashes tour following the initial Test due to a stress-related condition. However, upon his return to cricket in 2014, his performance on the pitch could have been more exceptional than it once was. Additionally, he continued to grapple with persistent anxiety issues. He quickly declared his retirement in 2015 following the West Indies tour, during which he managed to score in double digits only once out of six innings.

Craig Kieswetter. Source: Daily Mail
Craig Kieswetter. Source: Daily Mail

Craig Kieswetter

England's dynamic wicketkeeper-batsman Craig Kieswetter also experienced a comparable misfortune to Mark Boucher. During a match between Somerset and Northamptonshire in 2014, Kieswetter experienced a forceful impact to the front of his helmet when a bouncer delivered by David Willey struck him. A portion of the ball passed through the grill, resulting in a broken nose, a fractured cheekbone, and, most significantly, damage to the eye socket.

Following his recovery, Kieswetter eagerly anticipated returning to peak performance. He made appearances in domestic T20 cricket matches in South Africa but faced challenges due to the lingering effects of his eye injury. Ultimately, the injury compelled him to retire in 2015 at the young age of 28.

Phillip Hughes

It was indeed a heart-wrenching conclusion, not only to a remarkable cricketing journey but to the very essence of existence, as exemplified by the tragic passing of Australia's beloved Phillip Hughes. The entire globe was left in utter disbelief upon discovering that Hughes, a young man of only 25, tragically lost his life as a result of the severe injury he suffered when struck by a fast delivery while batting in a Sheffield Shield match back in 2014.

While playing for South Australia against New South Wales, Hughes was hit by a bouncer from seamer Sean Abbott on the left side of his head, just below his helmet. He was 63* at the time. He was quickly taken to the hospital and underwent surgery on the very same day. Unfortunately, his life could not be saved. Hughes appeared in 26 Test matches for Australia and managed to achieve the remarkable feat of scoring three centuries.

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