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    How Much Money Do Cricket Players in England Make?
How Much Money Do Cricket Players in England Make?
Ben Stokes. Source: Luxe Magazine

How Much Money Do Cricket Players in England Make?

Cricket enthrals millions as its participants vie for the ultimate championship each year, and England is an exceptionally reliable contender. Interestingly, England was actually one of the early adopters, having become a member as far back as 1877 and setting world records that remain unbroken even now.

Undoubtedly, it goes beyond being a mere game for these players - they are also skilled professionals who are rewarded for their expertise and achievements. 

However, what is the actual salary of the players on England's team?

Different Kinds of Cricket Agreements

Currently, the English Cricket Board (ECB) is responsible for managing each team's activities, including announcing the list of centrally contracted players.

In 2023, though, it introduced long-term agreements instead of the typical gradual arrangements, which is a significant departure from the traditional central contracts that debuted in 2000.

There are three options available: contracts that last for one, two, or three years. These contracts are renewed annually and evaluated every September. The ECB ensures that critical players remain exclusive to their team, allowing them to take part in other competitions with the board's approval.

Jos Buttler. Source: DNA India
Jos Buttler. Source: DNA India

Factors that Impact Salary

Players can typically anticipate a variety that commences at $30,000, but these numbers are by no means fixed. Numerous factors contribute to the value:

  • Central contracts allow the ECB to remunerate players according to various tiers.
  • Success—Naturally, players who consistently achieve success will be rewarded with higher salaries. This serves as both a form of recognition and a motivating factor to encourage team members to stay committed.
  • Expertise and proficiency - Similar to any other field, having a wealth of experience and a high level of skill will result in superior performance, ultimately leading to increased compensation.
  • Endorsements are a game-changer for players. By securing popular endorsements, increasing brand visibility, and effectively converting customers, players can significantly improve their earnings.
  • The game's format includes different contract types for players. Those with Test contracts have the potential to earn up to £650,000 annually, while White Ball contracts have a maximum limit of £300,000. However, individuals who possess both skills have the opportunity to acquire the complete sum of each.

Which Players Have Received Contracts for Multiple Years?

Complete agreements can be valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds, in addition to the potential for players to earn even more significant amounts through bonuses. Here are the players who have been awarded contracts for multiple years since the latest set began in October:

  • Three-Year – Mark Wood, Joe Root, Harry Brook
  • Two-Year – Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Liam Livingstone, Rehan Ahmed

Development contracts were also granted; these are usually bestowed upon players who are still establishing their skills.

What Is the Earning Potential for Players?

Under a central contract, a cricket player who participates in all three formats has the potential to earn close to a million pounds before match fees. However, the average earnings are considerably lower than that. Inexperienced players may start with as little as £28,000, but their income rises steadily as they gain experience and enhance their skills.

Top Earning Cricket Players in England

Even if you have a passing interest in cricket, the individuals on this list are undoubtedly familiar to you. It should come as no shock that they are the most endorsed and generously compensated players in the sport. Similarly, these are the individuals who are likely to have the best chances of winning on non-GamStop UK online bookmakers:

Ben Stokes

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile players globally, Ben Stokes has played a pivotal role for the England cricket team. It's no surprise that he's making a salary of $3.36 million, given the immense value he brings.

Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is another crucial player for the English team. The captain of the white ball team is the second-highest earner on the squad, with a salary of $2.60 million.

Jofra Archer. Source: Quora
Jofra Archer. Source: Quora

Jofra Archer

Jofra Archer stands out as one of the most handsomely compensated cricket players in England, ranking third in terms of earnings. Notably, he holds the distinction of being the highest-paid bowler on the entire team, owing to his involvement in test matches in addition to his white ball contract. He had a crucial part to play in the 2019 Ashes, unleashing devastating deliveries with his impeccable length bowling, which resulted in him earning a handsome salary of $2.56 million.

Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow has been a key player for England in both white-ball cricket and test cricket, excelling as the primary opening batsman with exceptional performances. Through his impressive achievements, he has secured a position as the fourth-highest-earning English cricket player, receiving a salary of $1.88 million.

Joe Root

England appreciates the worth of its most impactful players, regardless of where they channel their efforts. It is worth noting the significant compensation received by test batter Joe Root, which totals a salary of $1.81 million. The player ranked fifth in the team hierarchy typically refrains from participating in One Day Internationals (ODIs) or Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) in order to minimise the risk of injuries. However, their presence on the field undeniably brings immense value to the England team.

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