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    'A lack of accountability'
'A lack of accountability'
England's Zak Crawley and Joe Root await for a DRS review. Getty Images

'A lack of accountability'

Bazball served its purpose by transforming England's cricket team with a fresh mindset.

It is important to reassess and adapt strategies to ensure success.

However, recent results suggest that this approach may not be a winning formula in all situations.

There appears to be a lack of responsibility and accountability, with excuses such as 'That's just how we play, so it's all right.'

Winning is of utmost importance in Test cricket as it carries significant weightage. It is crucial to learn to handle the pressure that comes with it. It is worth noting that England is currently ranked second from the bottom in the World Test Championship, while Sri Lanka, who are ranked below them, have only played two Tests in this cycle so far.

Losing is not simply a matter of shrugging one's shoulders.

It can be frustrating, but it is important to take responsibility. Failure to do so may cause fans to lose faith. Without this honesty, improvement will be difficult to achieve.

While it is beneficial to focus on the positives, the team must be honest with themselves in the dressing room.

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