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    BBC Sport's Jonathan Agnew signs new four-year deal
BBC Sport's Jonathan Agnew signs new four-year deal
Jonathan Agnew succeeded former TMS colleague Christopher Martin-Jenkins as the BBC's cricket correspondent in 1991. Source: BBC

BBC Sport's Jonathan Agnew signs new four-year deal

Jonathan Agnew will step down as the BBC's cricket correspondent at the end of the summer after agreeing a new four-year deal with BBC Sport to continue to lead the Test Match Special team.

Agnew says the time is right to step down so he can "concentrate fully on TMS".

The 63-year-old former fast bowler has been with BBC Sport since the start of the 1991 season.

Agnew's announcement is part of the launch of BBC Sport's cricket coverage for the 2024 season, which begins on Friday.

The coverage includes:

  • Nearly 500 matches broadcast live on BBC Sport.
  • Live coverage of all men's and women's international matches, including matches against Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand - with digital clips of all matches available online.
  • Every moment of every county match covered live on the BBC Sport website and app.
  • 15 live TV matches from the Hundred, all available on BBC Radio.
  • The Tailenders podcast, featuring England bowler James Anderson, exclusively on BBC Sounds.

Philip Bernie, Interim Director of BBC Sport, said:

"We are so very pleased that Jonathan Agnew will continue to lead our outstanding TMS team. His brilliant commentary and presentation of this iconic programme are so central to its enduring success, and we look forward to Aggers continuing to make our cricket coverage special in the coming years."


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