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    Ben Stokes Calls for Support and Positivity for England Teams
Ben Stokes Calls for Support and Positivity for England Teams
Ben Stokes and Harry Kane. Source:

Ben Stokes Calls for Support and Positivity for England Teams

Test captain Ben Stokes has shared that he communicated with England football manager Gareth Southgate during the European Championship, offering encouragement and drawing parallels between their respective teams' journeys. Stokes highlighted how the England cricket team overcame poor performances to ultimately win the 2019 World Cup.

Stokes contacted Southgate after England's victory over Slovakia, a match that drew criticism for the manager. He explained how the cricket team had managed to improve and recover from setbacks to claim the trophy at Lord’s. Stokes, who was invited to address the England squad before the Euros, emphasised positivity and resilience, drawing on his Bazball management style, which has influenced both national football and rugby teams.

Stokes acknowledged the intense passion of England fans and the impact of social media on modern athletes. He encouraged supporters to take a step back and recognise the team's achievements, noting, “It is okay to be frustrated, but we are in the semi-finals. Sports stars see social media because of how powerful it is, so just support them through thick and thin.”

Stokes also defended the England football team on social media, praising Kyle Walker’s post-match interview after the draw with Denmark, urging fans to support the team and ignore negative punditry.

Stokes remarked that criticism from former players, such as Gary Lineker, mirrors the scrutiny cricketers have long-faced from commentators like Bob Willis and Geoffrey Boycott. He noted, "Harry Kane addressed the issue well, acknowledging that ex-players have been in tough situations themselves."

He stressed the importance of unwavering support for national teams, saying, “We understand fans always want us to do well. I just always try to show support to whatever national team is in the spotlight. I will always defend my team when we don’t have a good week or day."

Stokes emphasised that criticism does not help performance and instead adds pressure on athletes. He urged fans to recognise the effort and dedication that players put into their sports, stating, “These guys are under so much pressure, the more criticism thrown at them, the more pressure they feel. Just understand what they have done to be there.”

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