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    Brad Wheal trust in Scotland team
Brad Wheal trust in Scotland team
Brad Wheal. Source: independent.co.uk

Brad Wheal trust in Scotland team

Brad Wheal believes that Scotland's strong performance against reigning champions England has boosted the team's confidence and belief in their abilities at the T20 World Cup. Despite the rain interruptions that ultimately led to a point each for both teams, Scotland's openers, Michael Jones and George Munsey, set the tone with an impressive partnership of 90 runs in 10 overs against a formidable English attack.

Wheal highlighted the positive impact of this performance on the squad, emphasising that it has instilled confidence in their ability to compete against the best teams in the world. He expressed optimism about Scotland's chances in the tournament, stating that they are capable of beating any team on their day.

Looking ahead to their upcoming match against Namibia, Wheal stressed the importance of taking one game at a time while maintaining belief in their abilities. Despite Namibia's recent win and their strong squad, Wheal asserted that Scotland considers themselves as favourites and believes they can emerge victorious.

Regarding his availability for the tournament, Wheal explained that he had an open and honest discussion with Hampshire about his desire to represent Scotland at the World Cup. He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to wear the Scotland shirt and emphasised the importance of cherishing every moment representing his country.

Overall, Wheal's comments reflect Scotland's determination and confidence as they aim to make an impact at the T20 World Cup and progress to the Super 12 stage.

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