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    Chris Jordan - world-class fielder in the squad
Chris Jordan - world-class fielder in the squad
Chris Jordan. Source: telegraph.co.uk

Chris Jordan - world-class fielder in the squad

England's fielding prowess, once a hallmark of their cricketing identity, is now under scrutiny, with concerns raised about their current standards and its potential impact on their T20 World Cup campaign. Chris Jordan stands out as the lone world-class fielder in the squad, making him indispensable despite his selection initially raising eyebrows.

Jordan's inclusion in the final XI was unexpected, especially with Reece Topley left out against Scotland, but his fielding prowess and versatility with the ball have cemented his place. While his batting abilities lower down the order are valued, it's his exceptional fielding skills that truly set him apart.

The absence of left-arm options in the bowling attack, exemplified by Topley's exclusion, leaves England's attack looking somewhat one-dimensional. Jordan's all-around abilities compensate for this deficiency to some extent, but questions remain about the team's balance.

Fielding, often an overlooked aspect, can be crucial in T20 cricket, where matches can be decided by fine margins. With England's fielding not as strong as in previous years, the reliance on Jordan highlights their need for improvement in this area.

The departure of key players like Jason Roy, Eoin Morgan, and Ben Stokes has left a void in England's fielding department, with Jordan now carrying the mantle almost single-handedly. The team's selection dilemma often sees preference given to better fielders, emphasising the importance of this aspect in their strategy.

While England's bowling attack may be injury-prone, Jordan's athleticism and reliability in the field provide a valuable asset. However, the team's overall fielding standards need to improve to complement Jordan's contributions effectively.

In the end, Jordan's exceptional fielding skills, honed through years of playing various sports, remain a beacon of excellence for England. However, for England to truly excel in the field, they will need a collective effort from all players to match Jordan's high standards.

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