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    Chris Jordan’s Triumphant Hat-Trick Highlights a Memorable Homecoming in Barbados
Chris Jordan’s Triumphant Hat-Trick Highlights a Memorable Homecoming in Barbados
Chris Jordan. Source:

Chris Jordan’s Triumphant Hat-Trick Highlights a Memorable Homecoming in Barbados

After England’s resounding win over the USA in the T20 World Cup, Chris Jordan left the post-match press conference clutching a small cardboard box. Inside was the ball he used to achieve England’s first-ever hat-trick in T20 internationals, a feat he accomplished just hours earlier.

Jordan shared with BBC Sport that this hat-trick held special significance for him, adding that he would treasure the moment forever. The 35-year-old’s connection to Barbados made this achievement even more poignant. Born and raised on the island, Jordan began his cricketing journey here before moving to London as a teenager on a sports scholarship. The Kensington Oval, where he witnessed his first live international match and threw down balls to West Indies legend Brian Lara, became the venue for his career milestone.

Reflecting on his childhood, Jordan recounted how his love for cricket blossomed while watching Lara and other West Indies greats. This day at the Kensington Oval, however, was Jordan's turn to shine. His hat-trick was spectacular: he bowled Ali Khan with a delivery that sent the stump cartwheeling, trapped Nosthush Kenjige lbw, and then bowled Saurabh Netravalkar, all with a ferocity that seemed to channel his deep connection to the ground.

With his family watching from the stands—many of whom rarely get the chance to see him play live—Jordan described this achievement as one of the top moments of his career. His family members in attendance included his parents, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew. Jordan humorously recalled how his nephew had called him that morning, insisting he take three wickets in the match. Seeing his nephew’s excitement after the hat-trick was a special moment, and Jordan hoped to inspire him to follow in his footsteps.

This T20 World Cup served as a homecoming not only for Jordan but also for his teammate Jofra Archer, who shares Barbadian roots. Despite moving to represent England, both players received warm receptions from the local crowd. Schoolchildren from their former schools cheered them on, and their names were greeted with loud applause. After one match, both players were even invited to the Prime Minister's box, underscoring their local hero status.

Jordan’s educational background at Combermere School, alongside famous classmates like Rihanna and several West Indies cricket internationals, highlighted his deep ties to Barbados. Interestingly, he and Archer once played cricket with Aaron Jones, the USA captain in a recent match, during their school days. Jordan fondly remembered playing cricket in the corridors during lunch breaks, never imagining they would compete on the world stage together.

Despite being considered the least talented in his school cricket team, Jordan has evolved into one of England's most reliable players. His career appeared uncertain when he was left out of the squad for the Caribbean tour last December, but he rejuvenated his skills in Australia’s Big Bash League, particularly his ability to hit sixes as a lower-order batsman. England’s managing director of men’s cricket, Rob Key, noted Jordan’s batting improvements when naming him in the World Cup squad, pinpointing his all-round capabilities.

Jordan’s prowess as a fielder and his calm demeanour under pressure are well recognised. Captain Jos Buttler often positions him near Archer and the less experienced bowlers, relying on Jordan’s steady influence. True to his team-oriented nature, Jordan modestly downplayed his hat-trick, focusing instead on the collective effort and praising the team's solid performance.

Jordan’s influence extends beyond his play, as he remains a significant role model, particularly as one of England’s few black cricketers. His leadership and positive attitude were highlighted when he presented Archer with his cap during his Test debut in the 2019 Ashes.

As England prepares for their semi-final match, their journey through the World Cup has been a mix of highs and lows. They have demonstrated strong form with recent victories but also faced defeats against Australia and South Africa. Jordan remarked on the unpredictability of tournament cricket, noting that the team has been highly focused on the last few games and hopes to maintain that momentum.

England aspires to return to the Kensington Oval for the final, where Jordan hopes to add another keepsake to his collection—a World Cup trophy to complement his treasured match ball.

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