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    Beaumont and Cross Face Tough Selection Challenges
Beaumont and Cross Face Tough Selection Challenges
Tammy Beaumont. Source:

Beaumont and Cross Face Tough Selection Challenges

Tammy Beaumont and Kate Cross find themselves on the fringes of England's T20I selection with the World Cup just months away. Despite being key players in the 50-over campaign, they face uncertainty in their roles.

Hosting Pakistan and New Zealand hasn't generated the same excitement as last year's Women's Ashes. Beaumont, who scored a double century in the Trent Bridge Test against Australia, mentioned that she now plays with more freedom. Reflecting on last year’s Ashes, Beaumont shared that the pressure to win every game was immense, especially after being sidelined following her double-century.

Beaumont acknowledged the constant pressure to perform to remain relevant, a sentiment shared by Cross. Both players understand the challenges but are committed to sticking to their game, despite the tough situation. They recognise that unless selected for the T20s, their positions remain precarious.

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