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    Empowering tapeball cricketers through the Street Development Programme
Empowering tapeball cricketers through the Street Development Programme
Cricket coaching session via kiaoval.com

Empowering tapeball cricketers through the Street Development Programme

The Street Development Programme supports cricketers in transitioning from tapeball to hardball cricket. It has been renewed for 2024 after a successful start.

In collaboration with Chance to Shine (CtS), Surrey Cricket Foundation (SCF) identified and supported 15 talented tapeball cricketers across Surrey in 2023. SCF provided these players with the necessary resources and opportunities to develop their skills and progress towards playing hardball cricket, without any cost to the players.

Fifteen cricketers were selected for the programme after trials were held for young people playing tapeball cricket in Chance to Shine Street projects across south London and Surrey. Chance to Shine Street is a nationwide initiative that offers 200 free tapeball projects in the UK, providing access to cricket for thousands of young people who may face barriers to physical activity.

The programme provided comprehensive support to the selected tapeball cricketers, including delivering donated kits and equipment from Gray Nicolls and conducting detailed cricket coaching sessions in both group and 1-to-1 settings.

The multi-faceted approach has enabled the participants to improve their cricket skills and transition into the structured and competitive world of hardball cricket. The programme's impact is evident in its renewal for another year.

The main goal of the programme is to connect tapeball cricketers with established cricket clubs in Surrey. This will provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents in organised hardball cricket leagues and tournaments. Participants can gain access to experienced coaches, further develop their skills in a competitive environment, and build valuable networks within the cricket community.

Chris Coleman, Director of Cricket Participation at SCF, stated that tapeball cricket has significantly increased access to cricket. It serves as a platform for talented players to showcase their skills, which can be transferred to hardball cricket.



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