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    England Cricket Fans Yearn for Victory and Positive Play
England Cricket Fans Yearn for Victory and Positive Play
England Cricket Fans. Source:

England Cricket Fans Yearn for Victory and Positive Play

Fans of England cricket crave a winning team that plays with positivity. The focus should always be on securing victories because when the national team triumphs, it boosts everyone connected to cricket, from grassroots enthusiasts to top-level professionals.

In recent months, cricket supporters in England have had little to cheer about. The Twenty20 World Cup in the Caribbean saw a dismal performance from England, the Indian Premier League enriched a few of our mediocre Test players, and a miserable 4-1 Test series defeat in India began well but ended disastrously.

For England cricket fans, excitement has been in short supply. Meanwhile, the national football team's performance in the Euros has either frustrated fans or put them to sleep. It's time for England to lift our spirits, defeat the West Indies at Lord’s this week, and give us something to celebrate.

Lately, our batting has oscillated between thrilling and reckless. The new Bazball style has been exhilarating at times but also cost us the Ashes. It's hoped that the coach, captain, and players have reflected and will now balance their aggressive batting with more sensible play.

Joe Root, one of the world’s best batsmen, scores at a good rate and doesn't need to attempt risky shots like the reverse scoop to prove he fits the Bazball mould. Root is the linchpin of the batting lineup and should be encouraged to play his natural game. Captain Ben Stokes, known for his talent and mental strength under pressure, has recently thrown his wicket away trying to hit every bowler for sixes rather than playing to the situation.

Stokes should anchor the middle order, assess the game, and control the innings. He has a solid defence and has played sensibly many times before. He can certainly do it again.

Test cricket is not about how many sixes you hit or how quickly you score. Root and Stokes can afford to bat steadily because England has plenty of flair in players like Zak Crawley and Harry Brook.

Every team needs a player with charisma and flair, like Denis Compton, David Gower, or Kevin Pietersen, who can excite the crowd and change the game. However, it is unwise for everyone to try to play in that manner.

In India last winter, ego and hubris got the better of some players. They made comments about being entertainers and the importance of scoring quickly to thrill the crowd. While this is admirable, they must remember that winning is crucial, and losing is not enjoyable.

Test cricket is not just an exhibition. If our players start thinking that results don't matter, they might as well join a circus or travel the world like the Harlem Globetrotters, doing tricks and jokes without caring about winning.

A great coach once said that winning isn't everything; it's the only thing. He was right. No one wants a teammate who enjoys losing.

England should have beaten Australia, but didn't. The India series started well, but quickly went downhill. England needs to return to winning ways. Winning creates momentum, breeds confidence, and helps build a strong team.

England must develop this winning habit as soon as possible to stand a chance of reclaiming the Ashes in Australia in 2025-26. It may seem far away, but it will arrive quickly.

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