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    England penalises inefficient New Zealand
England penalises inefficient New Zealand
Heather Knight scored a brisk half-century. Source: Getty Images

England penalises inefficient New Zealand

The absence of some of the team's key players provided Knight and England with opportunities.

Beaumont has two more innings to make her case at the top of the order before Wyatt returns. Bouchier, who has played 25 international T20s, seized her first opportunity.

The 25-year-old batsman has faced challenges in securing a spot in a competitive batting line-up. However, with the experienced Knight by her side, she displayed great assurance, sending reverse ramps over the keeper and exhibiting excellent fitness with her running between the wickets.

She capitalized on opportunities presented by New Zealand's sloppy fielding, surviving two dropped catches on 27 and 37, and a missed stumping on 31. Beaumont also received a reprieve, being dropped on one in the third over.

Knight, who did not participate in the WPL to concentrate on this tour, played exceptionally well with an innovative, and powerful innings. She effectively executed reverse sweeps against the spinners and showed intent by striking down the ground.

New Zealand's bowlers also had some positives despite missing Kerr and Devine's experience in the attack. Seamers Hannah Rowe and Rosemary Mair created chances and defended well at the death. Jess Kerr was the standout bowler with an economical 1-26. 


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