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    Great day for USA fans
Great day for USA fans
American players celebrate their win. Source:

Great day for USA fans

USA cricket fans celebrated their team's remarkable T20 World Cup upset victory over Pakistan in New York City, marking one of the most significant upsets in sports history.

In footage captured at a fan park near the World Trade Center, the ecstatic moment when Shadab Khan failed to secure the needed six runs to force a second Super Over sent American supporters into a frenzy. Amid the celebrations, chants of 'U-S-A!' echoed through the venue, with an American flag proudly waving among the enthusiastic crowd.

United States captain Monank Patel expressed his pride in his team's achievement, emphasising the significance of defeating Pakistan, especially considering the US's status as a non-Test nation. Patel highlighted the collective effort of the team, commending their performance from the first ball to the last.

The victory over Pakistan marked a historic moment for US cricket, a country where the sport is not widely understood. Aaron Jones, a standout performer for the US team, once again played a crucial role with his innings, helping to push the game into a Super Over.

During the Super Over, experienced Pakistani bowler Mohammad Amir faced difficulty, conceding crucial runs, including wides, as Jones capitalised with boundary hits. However, left-arm fast bowler Saurabh Netravalkar, who had bowled exceptionally well earlier in the match, restricted Pakistan to just 13 runs in the Super Over, securing the historic win for the US.

The win against Pakistan sets the stage for future matches, with both teams set to face India next in New York. Pakistan will take on their arch-rivals on Sunday, while the US will return to action on Wednesday.

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