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    Is New York's pitch good or bad for cricket?
Is New York's pitch good or bad for cricket?
The New York venue hosted India’s victory over Ireland on Wednesday. Source: independent.co.uk

Is New York's pitch good or bad for cricket?

The T20 World Cup pitch in New York has come under scrutiny, with concerns raised about its safety and suitability for international cricket. Former England coach Andy Flower described the conditions at the ground during India's match against Ireland as "bordering on dangerous." The pitch, located at the pop-up Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in Long Island, has faced criticism due to issues with bounce and variation, causing difficulties for batsmen.

The pitch was prepared using 'drop-in' pitches grown over 1,000 miles away in Florida and transported to the venue just a month ago. Despite efforts by experienced curator Damian Hough, who oversees the Adelaide Oval, to ensure the quality of the pitch, problems have persisted. Batsmen have struggled to score runs, and there have been instances of the ball bouncing unusually high and causing injuries to players, including Indian captain Rohit Sharma.

Flower expressed concern about the pitch's safety, stating that it is not suitable for international cricket due to its unpredictable behaviour. Former India international Sanjay Manjrekar echoed Flower's sentiments, suggesting that there may be inherent issues with the pitch's base that cannot be easily fixed.

The substandard pitch has attracted criticism from former England captain Michael Vaughan, who described it as "shocking." Despite attempts to promote cricket in the United States, the poor quality of the pitch has raised questions about the feasibility of hosting international matches at the venue.

Upcoming matches on the ground include Ireland vs. Canada and the Netherlands vs. South Africa, leading up to the highly anticipated clash between India and Pakistan. The resale of tickets for these matches at inflated prices indicates the interest generated by the tournament, despite concerns about the pitch.

While Hough had expressed satisfaction with the project's progress in May, the recent criticism highlights the challenges associated with establishing cricket infrastructure in non-traditional cricketing nations like the United States.

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