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    Jofra Archer’s revelation about his injury
Jofra Archer’s revelation about his injury
Jofra Archer. Source: independent.co.uk

Jofra Archer’s revelation about his injury

Jofra Archer has opened up about the challenges he faced during his injury lay-offs, admitting that he felt like a burden to the England team at times. Despite his immense talent, Archer has been plagued by fitness issues, including stress fractures in his right elbow and back, which have limited his appearances in recent years.

Archer expressed how hurtful it was to encounter negativity during his recovery process, with some people questioning his commitment and labelling his absence as a "longest paid holiday." Despite trying to ignore such comments, they sometimes got to him, making him feel like an outsider.

However, he credited the support from the England setup, acknowledging their commitment to him even during his rehabilitation. He revealed that England had meticulously planned his return to action, providing him with targets to meet and guiding him through the process.

Reflecting on his emotional appearance in Barbados during the T20 World Cup, Archer described it as a fulfilling moment, especially being able to represent England on his home soil. The overwhelming support from the crowd, including children from his old school, touched him deeply.

Looking ahead, Archer is focused on staying fit and rediscovering his best form. He acknowledged the careful planning and management by the England team in his latest comeback, expressing gratitude for their support and guidance.

Despite the challenges he faced, Archer maintained a positive outlook, joking about being glad to be back playing and expressing his determination to make the most of his opportunities moving forward.

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