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    Josh Little – from IPL to T20 World Cup
Josh Little – from IPL to T20 World Cup
Josh Little. Source: bbc.com

Josh Little – from IPL to T20 World Cup

Josh Little, the Irish left-arm fast bowler, is gearing up to showcase his talent in Ireland's T20 World Cup opener in New York, eager to make an impact after a brief stint in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Despite playing just one match for Gujarat Titans last season, where he impressed with figures of 4-45, Little is determined to seize the opportunity and prove himself on the international stage.

Reflecting on his IPL experience, Little acknowledges the challenge of limited game time but remains confident in his abilities. With the T20 World Cup set in New York, he anticipates a different playing environment compared to the IPL, with larger boundaries that could work to his advantage.

Keen to contribute to his team's success, Little intends to share tactical insights and knowledge about India's players with his teammates. Having gained valuable experience over two IPL seasons, he believes these insights could provide the team with a competitive edge.

With a willingness to contribute and a hunger to perform, Josh Little is poised to make his mark in Ireland's T20 World Cup campaign, ready to capitalise on every opportunity to shine on the global stage.

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