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    Kumar Sangakkara is good in the field and the pub
Kumar Sangakkara is good in the field and the pub
Kumar Sangakkara, back row, third right. Source: telegraph.co.uk

Kumar Sangakkara is good in the field and the pub

What an extraordinary experience for John Burns, the village cricketer, to have dismissed none other than Kumar Sangakkara in a Dorset County League match! Sangakkara's presence in the league, turning out for Shillingstone CC, brought an air of excitement and awe to the game.

Burns recounted the moment of taking Sangakkara's wicket with a mix of disbelief and admiration. Despite being hit for a six earlier in the innings, Burns managed to deceive Sangakkara with a cleverly disguised delivery that clipped his leg stump. The shock of the moment left Burns almost unable to celebrate, as he expected Sangakkara to continue his onslaught with the bat.

The entire experience, from facing Sangakkara's batting prowess to interacting with him after the match, left Burns feeling starstruck. Sangakkara's graciousness, including buying the team drinks at the local pub, added to the surreal nature of the encounter.

For Shillingstone CC, having a cricketing legend like Sangakkara in their ranks was a momentous occasion. Teammates like Nick Marshall reflected on the excitement and privilege of playing alongside Sangakkara, who shared valuable insights on batting techniques and approaches.

Sangakkara's illustrious cricketing career, spanning over 28,000 runs and featuring a remarkable Test average of 57, makes his participation in local cricket leagues all the more special. Despite retiring from professional cricket, Sangakkara continues to contribute to the game through media work and coaching roles, including mentoring Dorset's over-50s and over-60s teams.

Overall, Sangakkara's cameo appearance in the Dorset County League provided a memorable and inspiring experience for everyone involved, highlighting the enduring allure and camaraderie of grassroots cricket.


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