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    Renewed global betting partnership
Renewed global betting partnership
Renewed global betting partnership. Source: igamingbusiness.com

Renewed global betting partnership

Stats Perform has inked a significant extension to its global betting partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC), solidifying its role as the exclusive provider of official ICC data and live streams to licensed betting operators worldwide. Under the renewed agreement, Stats Perform will continue to deliver a comprehensive range of services for ICC tournaments, including real-time ball-by-ball match data and low-latency video streams.

The partnership encompasses all major men’s and women’s ICC events, including the ongoing ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup, as well as future tournaments such as the ICC Cricket One Day World Cup, ICC Champions Trophy, and the ICC World Test Championship. Alex Rice, Stats Perform's chief commercial officer, expressed delight at the renewed collaboration, emphasising the provider's commitment to delivering top-quality sports data and live streams to betting operators globally. He underscored the company's reputation for pioneering live streaming for betting and highlighted its dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technology and expertise to enhance the cricket viewing experience for a broader audience.

In response, the ICC expressed its satisfaction with reuniting with Stats Perform, citing the provider's recent AI-powered innovations that have propelled growth in the sports industry. The partnership aims to enhance digital consumption of cricket content, maintaining the ICC's premium position in the sport. The ICC lauded Stats Perform's trusted and innovative services, anticipating an elevated experience for cricket bettors worldwide.

This extension with the ICC adds to Stats Perform's growing portfolio of major partnerships with leading sports organisations worldwide. The company's roster of clients includes prominent entities such as the Women’s Tennis Association and Football DataCo, which manage data for top-tier competitions like the English Premier League. Stats Perform continues to reinforce its position as a premier provider of sports data and analytics across various sports leagues globally.

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