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    The famous cricket player Nathan Lyon message to his wife Emma
The famous cricket player Nathan Lyon message to his wife Emma
Nathan Lyon and his wife. Source: dailymail.co.uk

The famous cricket player Nathan Lyon message to his wife Emma

Breaking records Australian bowler Nathan Lyon has shared his post-Ashes troubles and acknowledged that following the highly disputed series, he wasn't the best husband to his wife Emma.

For many reasons, Australia's best off-spinner of all time was essential to the Ashes series last year.

His impact was evident in the first two Tests as the Australians swept to a 2-0 series lead.

But in that second Test at Lords, Lyon's calf gave way, making a huge spectacle as he went out to bat with just one leg to a standing ovation, propelling Australia to victory.

But after the Tests, things were different. Australia had to fight hard to salvage a 2-2 tied series, which was just enough to keep the urn, knowing they would not win another match against their archrival.

Lyon claimed that while he watched the three Tests from home in Australia on the couch, he was on tenterhooks.

He also acknowledged that, despite Emma being nine months along with their unborn child, he wasn't the greatest companion for her during that trying period.

“I probably wasn't the nicest person or the greatest husband throughout that time when I was back home watching the last three Test matches as well. But we got through it,” he told 7NEWS.com.au.

After suffering a severe injury, Lyon stated that the first thing he wanted to hear was his wife's voice from Australia.

He expressed his gratitude to Emma for all of her support now that the dust has settled, Lyon is back playing cricket, and the urn is securely in Australia's custody.

“I was able to get in contact with Emma and I was able to have a chat with her, which was nice and comforting,” he noted. “She sees me at my highs, she sees me at my lows, probably more than anyone. To have her support, there's nothing else that comes close to that in the world. I'm very grateful for Em and what she's been able to do for me, especially throughout my career.”

This comes after Lyon disclosed in the most recent episode of the documentary series The Test that Emma was against him playing when he was hurt.

The cricket world, especially English fans, praised Lyon for coming out to bat late on Day 4 and putting on a vital 15-run stand with Mitchell Starc.

But Emma was not as impressed.

“For me, it was as simple as, 'OK, you're going out to bat',” Lyon said. “My wife, Em, hated it, didn't want me to bat, Pat didn't want me to bat, physio didn't want me to bad — but luckily enough the head coach Andrew McDonald wanted me to bat. So, I was able to tick that off, and as soon as they said 'Yep, you're batting', I was able to find a way I was going to compete. I just understand in Ashes cricket how big 10-15 runs are and I hate letting people down.”


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