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    The US embassy denied Sandeep Lamichhane a visa to the T20
The US embassy denied Sandeep Lamichhane a visa to the T20
Sandeep Lamichhane. Source: indianexpress.com

The US embassy denied Sandeep Lamichhane a visa to the T20

Although Lamichhane was not included in Nepal's T20 World Cup preliminary squad, the court's decision last week meant that he was qualified to be included in the final teams announced ahead of time. A scene that is shrouded in clouds right now.

Leg-spinner Sandeep Lamichhane of Nepal said on Wednesday that he was not granted a visa by the US embassy to travel with the national side to the forthcoming T20 World Cup. This comes one week after the Nepal High Court cleared him of all charges related to rape.

Lamichhane took to his X account to acknowledge that he was found not guilty of the allegations against him in a case that dates back to 2022 when he was accused of assault by an 18-year-old lady. "And the @USEmbassyNepal did it again what they did back in 2019, they denied my Visa for the T-20 World Cup happening in the USA and West Indies. Unfortunate. I am sorry to all the well-wishers of Nepal Cricket," he wrote.

Lamichhane, the first player from Nepal to play in the IPL, was headed for a successful return to professional cricket after the court hearing in advance of the major event, which the US and the West Indies will co-host in June.

The cricketer was given bail of Rs 2 million, overturning the Kathmandu district court's ruling, after being sentenced to prison earlier this year by the District Court and ordered to compensate the claimed victim. Additionally, the 23-year-old was prohibited from leaving the nation until the case's court decision was rendered.

Following their three-wicket defeat to Nepal in February, the players of the Scotland cricket team declined to shake hands with Lamichhane.

As a silent protest against the spinner's continued presence and participation in the ICC's Cricket World Cup League 2 series, which also includes Namibia, the Scottish players shook hands with every Nepali player, except Lamichhane. Lamichhane had been informed in advance of the demonstration.

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