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    Uganda's first victory
Uganda's first victory
Uganda's team. Source: bbc.com

Uganda's first victory

Uganda's cricket team is basking in the glory of their historic first win at a T20 World Cup, with captain Brian Masaba expressing immense pride and joy in their achievement. In a tense match against Papua New Guinea, Uganda chased down a target of 78 runs with three wickets and 10 balls to spare, marking a significant milestone for Ugandan cricket.

Masaba lauded his team's hard work and dedication, emphasising the special significance of securing a victory for their country on the global stage. Despite being one of the lowest-ranked sides in the tournament and facing significant challenges, Uganda's triumph reflects the resilience and determination of the players.

The journey to the T20 World Cup has been remarkable for Uganda, especially considering the limited infrastructure and resources for cricket in the country. With only 20 cricket clubs compared to hundreds in more established cricketing regions, Uganda's success is even more remarkable.

For Masaba and his teammates, their World Cup win is not just a sporting achievement but also a testament to their resilience, teamwork, and the growing potential of cricket in Uganda.

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